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“For a long time we cultivated
this dream of grapes,
this idea of ​​wine.”
“Inside our wines you could find
the mature visionand love for our friulana land,
handed down by our fathers.”
“We like think that the fruit of our work
will be savored in the intensity of a moment.
A glass, our wine, the eternity that
will reveal us with a whisper his mystery ”
About us

Our history

In order for the wine to become top quality, we only grow the best grapes, manually harvested

Our initial symbol of a vertical thought, wine and passion, elevation of the spirit. Tendrils are born from his graces and they sinuously pursue the infinite, from earth to heaven.

In our wines, the mature vision and love for the Friulian land, handed down by our fathers.


Our Wines

The Kurtin company, which is located within the denomination area of Collio DOC, famous throughout the world for the production of excellent white wines, can boast in its products typical aromas and scents, which identify that land and those places .
80% of the property is developed in the hills characterized by a perfect pedoclimatic condition for the production of white grapes. Among the wines produced, with a fruity bouquet and a savory and fresh palate, the single-variety RIBOLLA GIALLA, FRIULANO, SAUVIGNON and the international PINOT GRIGIO, PINOT BIANCO and CHARDONNAY are proposed.
60,000 bottles are a good starting point for a renewed project that wants to increase production and quality by converting the entire company to the principles of organic farming.
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White Wines
Red Wines
    From the same grapes also comes the unmistakable Collio Rosso. Bottled after twelve months of aging in wood, it reveals a full flavor, releasing herbaceous aromas and floral notes of undergrowth.
    Produced from Tocai grapes, it is a fine wine, delicate on the palate and with an intense fragrant bouquet reminiscent of wild flowers. It is a banner of Friulian enology.
    Drinkable, pleasant, fruity and digestible. Appreciated as an aperitif or to match first courses and typical local dishes.
    The less refined palates should definitely try wines like the pure Merlot. After the alcoholic fermentation, a short refinement in steel follows. This allows them not to lose those notes and the drinkability that identifies young wines ready for consumption.
    We can find the typical characteristics that makes it unique all over the world. Simple with an intriguing vein, it outstands for the appeal of its scents and its retro-olfactory elegance.
  • RISPOSTA 110
    A Ribolla Gialla Spumante that combines the typicality of a large grape of the territory with a young and fun idea of wine.
    The less refined palates should definitely try wines like the pure Cabernet Franc. After the alcoholic fermentation, a short refinement in steel follows. This allows them not to lose those notes and the drinkability that identifies young wines ready for consumption.
    It finds its highest expression in these hills, presenting an explosion of characteristic and refined aromas, a prelude to a sensation that also manifests itself to the palate.
    Deliciuous and filiform, very intense in the floral scents, ripe and crunchy fruit, with a fresh and tense mouth.
    Very fresh and fragrant, so complex in its nuances of roses and sweet spices, as well as elegant and balanced on the palate.
    Son of a rigorous selection of hand-picked Merlot and Cabernet Franc red grapes, it is characterized by an intense ruby red color, with herbaceous aromas and red fruits. The long refinement in stainless steel gives this wine finesse and longevity on the palate. A masterpiece.
    Its composition is a result of the blend of Pinot Blanc, Chardonnay and Ribolla gialla. This blend best expresses the main characteristics of each grape: power, elegance and freshness. The fermentation and subsequent aging in wood give this wine a thickness and a complexity that favor a continuous evolution over time.
    Historic Collio wine, dry and citrine, of medium alcohol content. Floral aromas of plants such as acacia, birch and in its freshness, the limoncella.
    With a delicate and incisive taste, ample and well-balanced on the palate, it spreads a warm and marly touch to those who taste it. Well balanced, pleasant to drink in its white floral and peach note.


Our unique position and our land of Collio, a special alchemy for quality wines appreciated all over the world

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Ulisse Bellesso


If the wine ferments, moves, is alive, so must be the company that produces it. Ulysses Bellesso falls in love with the place, the wine business and this secular company, understanding its great potential. He decided to instill in this story his particular dynamism in running a company, in search of constant improvement. His guiding thought, however, is essential, while interpreting wine as something prestigious. “Wine is uniquely magic, it knows how to gather people, gets them to know each other, and connect with each other. Wine for this is life, it is true and simple joy.”

Isacco Curtarello


The childhood in his uncle’s vines, the taste of the must …, when some unforgettable moments can move a whole life. After high school, he graduated at the Faculty of Enology of Conegliano, worked on the Euganean Hills first, then obtained a Master’s degree at the Università Cattolica of Piacenza, then he worked in Chianti Classico and in Piedmont where he expanded his knowledge in the production of quality wines under all aspects, from the vineyard to the packaging, up to the relative commercial aspects.

Mitja Juretic


He grew up in the vineyards of Cormons, where he learned the art of making wine from his grandfather and father. A total immersion in this world of effort, technique and strong emotions, which fueled his passion until he graduated in Oenology in Cividale del Friuli. From there, the numerous harvests in the Collio, but also in Franciacorta and Australia have increased his knowledge. For 8 years he was an oenologist in an important winery in the Friulian plain. Today he returns to the Collio, among the memories and landscapes of his childhood, and he puts his oenological skills at the service of Kurtin, one of the oldest wineries in this historic area.



Address: Loc. Novali, 9 – 34071 Cormons (GO)
Telephone: +39 0481 60685
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E-mail: info@kurtin.it

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