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Martino, who founded the Azienda Agricola KURTIN in 1906, entrusted it to his son Giovanni, who was Mayor of Cormons between the two wars, and who in turn handed it to his son Eugenio, Eugenio to his son Albino and the latter to his son Alessio, who now runs it as if it were a sacred daughter.

Tradition and secular work from father to son for more than 100 years of history. In 1970 the farm became a winery, abandoning traditional crops, to direct the work exclusively on the production of wine and the planting of new vineyards

A few years later Albino, in his military period in Trieste, saw the Collio wine being poured from the bottle in the local restaurants and taverns of Trieste. This prompted him to give his product, until then sold only in carboy, the potential and prestige that the bottle, the label and the refinement, give to each superior quality wine.

So it was Albino who decided to bottle the wines of his own production and to introduce new vines such as Pinot Grigio and Chardonnay, necessary to enter an increasingly international market.

In 1993 a decisive restructuring and a further expansion of the winery gave the company the form and the current extension of 11 hectares for a total production of about 60,000 bottles.

In 2017 Ulysses Bellesso fell in love with the company and its location, and he has brought new breath and a new commercial footprint to the family business.


Our Collio

As reaching the Collio, at harvest time, perhaps for those who are not used to this view, it looks like a huge “divine rake” has combed the hills in perfect, lush rows treated with an overflowing expertise and love!

In reading these staves of vines there are millions of notes made of juicy ripe, bluish or golden bunches. If you then sit down to admire the landscape and think it really is like a score, made up of lines and spaces, you start to play convivial and refined bacchanal music.

You can hear the tinkling of the glasses, you can see the rainbows in the glasses, you can hear the stories of the harvest, smell the musts, the squeezes, or the golden and fruity wines, which from these hills the Kurtin family has been pouring out since 1906!


Shielded image and style

In 2018 the image of the company has been renewed. The shielded “K” , our initial symbolizing a vertical thought, wine and passion, as an elevation of the spirit. Tendril are born from its graces, and with sinuous movements they pursue the infinite, from earth to heaven.

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