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The Winery

The Kurtin company, which is located within the denomination area of Collio DOC, famous throughout the world for the production of excellent white wines, can boast in its products typical aromas and scents, which identify that land and those places.

The Collio finds an increasingly important place among tourist regions such as Tuscany or Provence. The cultivation of ancient vines has been favored for many years. In recent years, the native vines such as Ribolla have also gained importance. The position, the soil and the climate of the region have allowed the optimal development of the art of viticulture.

Where we are

Kurtin is located north-east of Cormons in Novali, between Mount Quarin and the state border. It is located at the edge of the Wood of Plessiva, a natural park located right on the northern slope of Mount Quarin, transformed into a recreational natural park by the Friuli Venezia Giulia region in 1983. The forest is spread over 33 hectares, with locust trees, oaks and chestnut trees where numerous species of wild animals live and where the remains of an ancient armory is found.

Within the forest there are several itineraries for pleasant walks and picnic areas.

The whole area of the wood of Plessiva and of the town of Cormons is crossed by several itineraries, including paths for cycling, through which you can admire the vineyards and the landscape between Italy and Slovenia.

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