Sauvignon Blanc is one of the most widespread wines in the world and we can find endless interpretations of this noble grape that is thought to have been born in the Loire, although some theories state it is originally from Bordeaux.
The origin of its name derives from “sauvage” (wild) adjective due to its origins of native plant of the French south-west.
In Italy Sauvignon Blanc has found fertile ground on the marl and sandstone of the hills of Collio Goriziano and the Colli Orientali del Friuli, where it dominates together with the Friulano, making Friuli an obligatory destination for every white wine lover.

We harvest the grapes slightly early to preserve all the varietal aromas, then leave the grapes in contact with the skins for about 6 hours in an inert atmosphere. Then white fermentation follows at controlled temperature. The wine takes on straw-yellow nuances with greenish reflections. Delicate aromatic scent, not cloying, reminiscent of yellow pepper, melon, banana. Dry, nervous, but at the same time elegant, caressing and velvety taste. It is not a wine to be used for aging, but to be drunk within the second year at the most, to taste all the fragrant youth and delicate aroma.

It can be drunk as an aperitif wine, from appetizers with vegetables, raw ham and delicate cheeses. It goes perfectly with dishes based on white and green asparagus, such as risottos or omelettes.
Serving temperature 10 ° – 12 ° C.


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