Italian or Hungarian? Or better: Friulian or Hungarian? Rivers of ink have been spilled, on the origin of this vine, even an international trial has been initiated for his paternity. Counts, coachmen, friars, bishops, warriors would have imported it to Friuli. A hypothesis has been put forward according to which the Hungarian grape Furmint (which is at the base of the Tokaji Hungarian wine) has Italian origins, and derives from the name of the noble Friulian Aurora Formentini, who brought the Tocai Friulian vines to Hungary in the seventeenth century, as a wedding dowry. This, as far as the supporters of the thesis are concerned, would prove the Italian origin of the Tocai grape.
The only true thing is that the Friulian Tocai, both for the vine and for the wine, is very different from the Hungarian one.

It is a great wine: fine, delicate, with an intense scent of wild flowers, with herbaceous nuances reminiscent of the boxwood. On the palate it is dry, fresh, soft and velvety, with a marked minerality, of medium alcohol content. The color is straw yellow tending to greenish. Wine to be drunk young but with great potential for aging. It is one of the spearheads of Friulian enology.

It is excellent as an aperitif, excellent with appetizers in general, with fish, with white meats.
Serving temperature 10 ° – 12 ° C.


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